What Is the Best Snake Repellent On The Market?

what is the best snake repellent on the market


Snakes are curious creatures, and they tend to wander around into our surroundings.

Unfortunately, this can cause a ton of trouble when they inevitably wander into your backyard or onto your property.

So what is the best snake repellent on the market? Good snake repellents are designed to irritate and keep the snakes away without causing any harm to them.

They work efficiently, and they can also repel other animals and rodents that may attract snakes. Let’s take a look at the top six snake repellents on the market today.

Our Top Six Snake Repellents

1. Solar Exterminator Repellent

Solar Exterminator mole Repellent, Sonic Solar repellents, Water Resistant, Fights Off Gophers, Voles, Snakes, Shrews
Solar Exterminator Repellent works by vibrating to emit a 500Hz sonic beam that tends to irritate rodents and snakes.

The device emits these sonic beeps every 30 seconds, which makes it ideal for optimum protection against the serpents.

Its operation is very straight forward and can be handled by anyone regardless of their skills.


Wide Range

The Solar Exterminator has an impressive range of 625 square meters which is more than enough to cover most backyards.

However, if you have a large piece of property, you should use two or even three of these repellents.

Uses Solar Energy

Solar Exterminator Repellent has an inbuilt solar panel that helps to power it hence eliminating the need for using batteries or electricity.

The feature makes the repellent ideal for those who spend most of their time outdoors e.g. campers.

Water Resistant

Solar Exterminator mole Repellent, Sonic Solar repellents, Water Resistant, Fights Off Gophers, Voles, Snakes, Shrews
Unlike other snake repellents, Solar Exterminator Repellent is built to withstand any weather conditions making it perfect for outdoor activities.

The protective glass dome helps to keep water away from the delicate parts of the device.

Very Easy to Use

The device is all mechanical and very safe to handle for anyone. There are no chemicals or harmful pesticides to worry you when setting it up.

All you need is to install it one foot on the ground, and it will start working immediately.


  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Water-resistant
  • Solar-powered
  • A simple and effective user manual is provided


  • May not work properly on areas that don’t receive regular sun exposure

2. SEALUXE Snake Repellent For Outdoors

SEALUXE Snake Repellent for Outdoors, Solar Powered Snake Repellent, Snake Away,Get Rid of Snakes,Snake Gone,Out Outdoor Snake Repellent- 2 Pack
Another effective solar powered snake repellent is the SEALUXE Snake Repellent. It has a simple design and can be used anywhere in your compound.

The device emits powerful sonic beams that can be detected by serpents and rodents.


Solar Powered

The device uses solar energy to power. It has inbuilt batteries that help to store the energy for later use.

All it needs is 4 hours in the sunlight which gives the device enough energy to repel snakes for five days.

Highly Sensitive Sonic Sounds

The SEALUXE Snake Repellent device is designed to produce sensitive and annoying sonic sounds which rodents and snakes translate as the presence of danger.

Broad Coverage

SEALUXE made sure that this snake repellent can keep snakes and rodents away within a 650-meter square range.

If you have a larger piece of land, make sure you install at least two of them.

Safe for Pets

SEALUXE Snake Repellent for Outdoors, Solar Powered Snake Repellent, Snake Away,Get Rid of Snakes,Snake Gone,Out Outdoor Snake Repellent- 2 Pack
SEALUXE Snake Repellent repellent doesn’t have any effects on pets and has been certified environmentally friendly.

Maintenance-Free and Water Proof

SEALUXE Snake Repellent is designed to withstand any weather conditions and is waterproof.

They also don’t require regular maintenance.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Uses solar energy
  • Harmless to your pets
  • Highly durable


  • The length could be increased for deeper penetration to the ground

3. Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules

Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules, 2-Pound (Not Sold in AK)
Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules is yet another effective snake repellent on the market.

The granules are designed to give off an irritating smell that can only be detected by snakes.

It contains several active ingredients that work together to repel the snakes away.

The Ingredients

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil has been used to effectively repel snakes for many years. The oil works by giving off a strong smell that irritates the snakes’ nostrils.

Peppermint Oil

Another active ingredient in Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent is Peppermint Oil.

The oil comes in handy and may repel some types of snakes.

However, it may not be ideal to use it alone as some snakes can tolerate its smell.

That’s why the manufacturers of Snake B Gon combined this compound with others to drive away snakes for good.

Clove Oil

Snakes have proven that they cannot withstand the smell of clove oil and are likely to move away from an area that is sprinkled with this oil.

However, this oil is harmless to humans and other animals, but snakes tend to avoid it at all costs.


The Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules are water-resistant and can last a long time once you sprinkle them in the affected areas.

The effects can last for more than 30 days after application.


  • Safe for people and pets
  • Lasts longer
  • Ready-to-use formula


  • The repellent doesn’t have a long range

4. Dr. T’s Snake Repellent Hose End Spray

Dr. T's DT364HE Snake Repellent Hose End Spray, 32 oz
Dr. T’s Snake Repellent Hose End Spray is a very effective snake repellent that helps to keep your compound snake-free without causing any harm to the environment or your plants.

It has also proven to work against rattlesnakes and other non-poisonous snakes.


Uses Safe Ingredients

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your pet or plants, and the snake repellent doesn’t have adverse effects on people who come in contact with it.

However, you should not spray on consumable food.

A Wider Range

Dr. T’s Snake Repellent Hose End Spray has an impressive 500 square feet range that is better than many snake repellents in its class.

Its effects also last longer hence eliminating the need for spraying more often.

It’s better used in barns and other places where snakes are frequent.

The Effects are Immediate

Snakes have a strong reaction to this repellent, and it works almost immediately after you spray it.

It has a strong smell, and it’s common to spot snakes moving away from your compound as soon as you spray it.

How it Works

The ingredients work by disrupting the sensory receptors of the snakes through the Jacobson’s Organ, which causes the snake to slither away in search of fresh air.

The effect lasts longer in the areas that you spray and is highly unlikely for them to come back.


  • The effects for a long time
  • Safe on your pets and vegetables
  • Works on a variety of snakes


  • You have to reapply after heavy rains, which may be tasking

5. Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granular

Snakes rely on their sense of smell to gather information about the area they reside in.

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granular works to disrupt these sensory abilities of the snake, hence rendering it incapable of collecting information, which causes it to move to other areas.

It’s a very effective snake repellent that has lasting effects on your compound.


Combination of Different Ingredients

The manufacturers have done an incredible job of mixing clove oil, cinnamon oil, and eugenol, which, have proven to repel all types of snakes.

Unlike other snake repellents that rely on one type of oil, Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granular delivers maximum protection from different snakes.

Safe for Pets

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent doesn’t pose any significant risk to your pets or vegetables.

Even with this said, you still need to avoid direct contact, as the repellent is not ideal for human consumption.

Long-Lasting Effect

Another impressive thing about this repellent is that you don’t have to apply on the same surface more often as it lasts longer.

The effect will be felt even after heavy rains. However, please reapply after it rains to be on the safer side.

Works Instantly

After applying this snake repellent, it’s very common to see the snakes move away almost immediately due to its strong smell that confuses any snakes in your area.


  • Safe towards pets if you follow instructions
  • The effects last for a long time
  • Works against different snakes


  • Not available in bigger packs

6. Harris Supersized Snake Glue Trap

Harris Snake Glue Trap, Super Sized for Snakes, Rats, Mice and Insects (1-Pack)
Harris Supersized Snake Glue Trap is excellent for dealing with snakes that are inside your home and are not affected by other repellents.

Placing the trap near the entrance to the structure will maximize the chances of catching the snake.

The strong glue is a match for larger snakes and keeps them intact without harming them.


Strong Glue

The glue is powerful which helps to trap even larger snakes.

Once trapped the snakes find it hard to escape as any attempts only make them stick even more.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

The manufacturers have not included any toxic materials when designing this trap, which makes it environmentally friendly.

Can be used in Multiple Areas

Harris Snake Glue Trap, Super Sized for Snakes, Rats, Mice and Insects (1-Pack)
You can use Harris Supersized Snake Glue Trap in your home, campsite, office, or business area. It’s also convenient to carry and doesn’t take much space.

Large Surface Area

The trap’s surface area is large enough to catch huge snakes.

It is also anchored to the ground to prevent the snakes from moving it around, especially when they are caught partially.


Other than trapping the snakes, the glue trap can also be used against rodents and insects.


  • Long-lasting glue
  • Large surface area
  • Non-toxic material used


  • It only works when you know where the snake is located

A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Snake Repellents

what is the best snake repellent on the market

One of the best ways to eliminate snake problems in your compound is by utilizing a reliable snake repellent.

The repellents help to keep the serpents away without causing any harm to them.

They are also environmentally friendly, which is an added advantage.

Before you go out to buy your snake repellent, make sure you understand the following things to look out for in these repellents:

The Durability

The best snake repellent is the one that has a longer lifespan as it will prevent the snakes from coming back and new ones from moving in.

The ideal period would be more than 30 days until you reapply again.

Electronic Repellents

Many people prefer using electronic repellents as opposed to organic ones for many reasons.

First, the electronic repellents use a sonic beam that is invincible and can only be detected by snakes and rodents.

The beam disorganizes the sensory nerves of the snake, which makes them want to move away from the area.

The best of these repellents, in our opinion, are ones that rely on solar energy as you won’t be required to change the batteries or recharge them.

The Effects On Pets And Plants

Some repellents are poisonous to animals. If you have a pet in your homestead, avoid such repellents because your pets may consume them.

If you insist on using them, make sure you monitor your pet more often.

The Cost Of The Repellent

The majority of snake repellents are low cost, which is great. However, you still need to compare different prices before you commit to one.

Make sure the cost you are paying is justified by the features that you get.

The Range Of The Repellent

Make sure you keep in mind the range that the repellent has as this will affect the movement of the snakes in your compound.

An ideal snake repellent is the one that has a vast range. These tend to keep the snakes away from your compound permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snake Repellents

snake on a leaf

Q. Does Snake Repellent Affect Other Pests And Rodents?

Yes, some snake repellents also repel rodents away from your compound. This is a win-win situation because rodents attract snakes.

If there are no rodents in your compound, the snakes won’t have reason to visit.

Q. Can I Use Different Snake Repellents In One Area?

Yes but, it is not necessary.

Usually, one snake repellent is enough, but there are special cases where you can use more than one.

If you have a large compound and the range of one snake repellent is not enough, you are allowed to use two or possibly more snake repellents of the same type.

Q. Do The Snakes Come Back After Some Time?

Yes, if you fail to reapply the snake repellents, snakes will move back into your compound once the previous snake repellents wear off.

Q. Do Snakes Get Hurt By Repellents?

No, the essence of the repellent is to irritate the snakes and make them move away from the area without causing any harm to them.

Q. What Is The Best Snake Repellent On The Market?

Each snake repellent offers something different, but we highly recommend Sole Exterminator Repellent or SEALUXE Snake Repellent For Outdoors since they are both extremely powerful and easy to use.