About Us
Always searching for the most realistic duck sounds and a desire for an easy to blow duck call, All Terrain Outdoors (ATO) found they needed to build a call to fulfill those criteria. Our goal focused on producing the most realistic duck calls that would perform in any hunting situation. Along with developing a multipurpose call, ATO understood the need for situation specific duck calls to help duck hunters better control volume. As our needs progressed, ATO entered into the market with goose calls, turkey calls, predator calls, and deer calls. Years of research, development, and real-life testing have resulted in the current lineup of ATO calls. We are committed to providing the highest quality products available.

Our Goal
All Terrain Outdoors (ATO) is committed to producing the highest quality products from modern materials (acrylics, exotic and domestic woods, and modern plastics), research and development, field testing, and customer feedback. ATO designs all of their products and does not take credit for another company’s hard work. The All Terrain Outdoors is the result of outdoorsman’s desire and commitment to offer the best products available.