Double Shot French Press Travel Mug: The Ultimate Coffee Mug

planetary design double shot travel coffee mug

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.


When it comes to simple travel mugs, there are a ton of great options.

However, for campers, hunters, and other outdoorsmen, it has traditionally been difficult to enjoy a great cup of coffee while also enjoying the outdoors.

Fortunately, Planetary Design Double Shot French Press Travel Mug makes it extremely easy and enjoyable to make a cup of coffee anywhere, anytime.

Below I will outline everything you need to know about this great travel mug.

Delicious Coffee That You Can Drink Anywhere, Anytime

planetary design french press

I have been truly amazed at how long coffee will stay warm for in the Double Shot.

Every time I use the travel mug, my coffee is still hot by the time I finish it, sometimes three or four hours later.

I’m confident that my coffee would continue to stay warm for much longer than that.

Planning on going on an all-day hike and need to keep the coffee flowing? This is perfect for you.

Want to drink your own delicious blend at the office, and don’t want to be stuck with watery office coffee?

Double Shot has you covered – your coffee stays warm all day, plus you can use the secret pouch to make another brew later!

Super High-Quality Craftsmanship

The Planetary Design Double Shot French Press Travel Mug is substantial. This thing feels like it could fall down the side of a mountain and survive.

The coffee mug was clearly built with a ton of hard work, care, and craftsmanship.

It has clearly been built by people who love the great outdoors and love drinking quality coffee.

It is also worth noting the construction of the handle. It has been welded on using laser technology and feels unbreakable.

I love this thing! It is ergonomic, durable, and can easily be clipped to a carabiner for easy transportation. The handle is truly fantastic.

Impressive Spill-Proof Design

Another great feature is the spill-proof design.

If you accidentally drop your coffee mug while on a hike or at the campsite, it is not going to accidentally come undone and spill your coffee everywhere.

This means you can take your cup of coffee wherever you go and always be sure that it is secure.

When testing the travel mug I did notice an occasional drop or two of coffee coming out of the French press system, but this was only when turned completely upside-down.

Additionally, this was only really an issue if I overfilled the mug.

The Extra Pouch Is Great

planetary design double shot french press travel mug

The extra pouch is an awesome addition. You can store extra coffee, tea, or even snacks while in the great outdoors and quickly and easily access it.

This means that if you are going for a hike, or spending hours in the woods, or even just sitting in your office, you can easily make another cup of coffee, or scarf down a snack.

It’s important to note that the extra pouch strikes the perfect balance of being easily accessible, but also feels totally secure.

How To Make Coffee With The Planetary Design Double Shot

planetary design double shot travel coffee mug

Making coffee with the Double Shot is unbelievably easy.

Below we will outline how to quickly and easily make delicious coffee in just a few minutes using the included french press system.

1. Place Grounds Into The Cup

planetary design french press instructions

Place your favorite coffee grounds into the mug.

I like my coffee extra strong, so I find myself putting in a good amount of grounds. I think it’s awesome that you can make a large amount of strong coffee with this travel mug.

2. Let It Steep

planetary design french press review

Pour in a little bit of hot water onto the grounds to let the coffee breathe and expand, but make sure you don’t overdo it with the heat.

You don’t want to scorch the grounds!

Once you have let the coffee breathe, fill up the rest of the cup.

Make sure you don’t fill up the cup too much – the french press takes up a good amount of space, and if you overdo it, you might accidentally cause the french press to be pushed open and spill.

I recommend not going past the built-in indentation, or even slightly below just to be sure.

Once you do this once or twice you’ll be able to figure out how much water to put in it without even thinking about it.

3. Use The French Press

planetary design french press review

This is the best part – I truly love using the built-in french press.

Place the french-press into the mug and slowly press down.

You may feel some slight resistance as the grounds are pushed to the bottom of the mug, but if there is real resistance, just turn the handle slightly and it should work.

I’m truly amazed at how well this thing works – I’ve had many cups of coffee and not once have any grounds slipped through and gotten in my mouth.

4. Enjoy Your Coffee

That’s it! You’re now good to go. Make sure the lid is secured tightly, and if need be, use the mouth covering unit in order to protect against spills.

Additionally, I’ve found that if my coffee isn’t quite strong enough, I can simply add another spoonful of grounds, let it sit midway with the press pushed halfway down, and let it sit for a few minutes.

Then push down all the way, and you’ll have yourself an extra-strong cup of coffee!

Cleaning The Mug Is Super Easy

It’s also worth noting that cleaning the travel mug is incredibly easy.

Simply disassemble the mug and the French press, and wash it with warm water and a little bit of soap.

Hand dry it with a washcloth or let it air dry overnight.

I would not put the mug in the dishwasher due to the rubber elements, but truth be told, hand-cleaning is super easy.

Can I Use This For Drinks Other Than Coffee?

planetary design coffee press

I also tested the travel mug with tea and it worked extremely well.

Additionally, I think you can get away with putting iced coffee or other cold beverages in the mug by simply putting the coffee in first and then placing the ice on top of the French press.

The Double Shot mug uses 18/8 stainless steel, which should also keep things cold for a long time, although the mug wasn’t necessarily designed for this purpose.

Where Can I Purchase The Double Shot French Press Travel Mug?

You can purchase it on the Planetary Designs website, or on

Both are great options – Planetary Designs shipped out the mug quickly and it was securely packaged, and we’re sure Amazon would also take great care of you.


Truth be told, Planetary Design’s Double Shot French Press Travel Mug is my new favorite coffee mug.

I am a huge fan of nearly every aspect – it keeps my coffee warm for hours (even in cold environments!), the handle feels sturdy enough to last for years, and the storage for more grounds, tea bags, or snacks make it even nicer.