All Terrain Outdoors (ATO) hand makes every duck call from all-weather durable acrylic or high quality, seasoned exotic and domestic hardwoods. Every call is equipped with a stainless steel band that is pressed into place and/or is secured with stainless steel pins.

ATO cuts every duck call tone board using our custom built tone board jig. ATO cuts and tunes every tone board in-house. We do not use commercially available tone boards.

ATO designs and tunes every call to perform in the field where it counts.



Original Single Reed


Original Double Reed


The All Terrain Outdoors Original Duck Call creates every sound made by a mallard hen. ATO Original duck calls produce a mid-toned pitch with a ducky bottom end and ringing top end, with throaty duck sounds in-between. Every ATO Original duck call is easy to use and requires very little air. By controlling the back pressure and air volume, the ATO Original duck call is equally effective in the timber, on the marsh, or across the open water.





The All Terrain Outdoors Timber Duck Call meets the needs of the die-hard timber duck hunter. The design of the ATO Timber duck call allows hunters to easily maintain control of their calling volume in tight quarters. Our Timber duck call requires such little air pressure it almost quacks by itself. The ATO Timber duck call’s design is easy to master and creates raspy, mid-toned sounds with a bit of built-in Cajun squeal to enhance the throaty, nasty bottom end. The ATO Timber duck call is our choice for heavily pressured ducks.





A duck whistle is a highly effective and often underutilized duck hunting tool. The All Terrain Outdoors Duck Whistle creates the whistles of pintails, mallard drakes, all species of teal (green-winged teal, blue-winged teal, and cinnamon teal), wood ducks, widgeons, and even quail. Finalize their commitment and lock them up with the trill of a pintail, dreet of a mallard drake, or peep of a teal. Duck whistles are often the most effective call for call-shy and leery ducks.





The All Terrain Outdoors Xtra Loud Original (XLO) is a modified version of the ATO Original Duck Call. The large bore boosts the volume, decreases back pressure and allows the call to handle a more aggressive calling style and higher air volume. The ATO Xtra Loud Original duck call creates high ringing hail calls and comeback calls but still hits that ducky bottom end. The ATO Xtra Loud Original duck call is our go-to call for open field and open water hunting.





The All Terrain Outdoors All Terrain Duck Call (ATD) is a small-framed, multipurpose duck calling weapon. If you want a down and dirty all terrain call, the ATO All Terrain duck call fits the bill! You can hit it hard for loud hail calls or finesse the birds with the soft bottom end. The All Terrain Outdoors ATD is a fast running, highly responsive, duck calling machine. Start in the marsh, hit the field, and finish on the open water with a true all terrain call, the All Terrain Outdoors ATD. The ATO All Terrain duck call has proven to be an ultra-effective duck calling powerhouse and a top performer.




The All Terrain Outdoors Inbred duck call is a turbo-charged duck calling performer! The ATO Inbred call excels in the marsh and the timber. The ATO Inbred call is a modified large bored version of the ATO Timber call. All of the nasty, pure duck performance of the ATO Timber call toneboard combined with the amplified volume of the ATO Original’s bore to produce another true all terrain performer, the All Terrain Outdoors Inbred duck call. Field testing has set the stage for The ATO Inbred duck call on of our top performers.





The All Terrain Outdoors Woodie wood duck call is a feature packed, high end wood duck call.  The ATO Woodie call creates ear-piercing squeals of wood duck hens on the water or in the air. Zeep and chatter like a woodie drake to attract those educated birds. The ATO Woodie call produces a full range of wood duck hen and drake calls. The ATO Woodie call is a great confidence call for other puddle ducks too!





The All Terrain Outdoors Teal Call is the perfect match for Green-wing, Blue-wing, and Cinnamon Teal. The ATO Teal call creates raspy, high-pitched calls of a teal hen, and extremely easy to operate. The ATO Teal call will sweet talk those fast fliers or reach out to those long-range birds. The ATO Teal Call matches perfectly with the ATO Duck Whistle to produce a one-two punch for those early season rockets.