Best Tent For Dog Owners: What You Need To Know

best tent for dog owners


Camping with your dog is truly a magical experience – being in the great outdoors, letting your dog get their fill of all of the smells and natural wonder, and just bonding with man’s best friend makes you truly happy to experience such beauty.

However, you need to make sure you have the right tent for camping with your dog in order to ensure a phenomenal and stress-free experience.

We have put together this all-telling list of the best tents for dog owners so you can have a wonderful camping experience this season.

A Note About Camping With Your Dog

Searching for the best tent for dog owners who love camping is now easy.

You can either opt for co-sharing your tent or get two separate tents – one for you, and one for your best friend.

Let us have a look at these two options with the aim of helping you choose the camping gear that will guarantee you the best camping experience.

Tents To Share With Your Dog

1. Our Top Recommendation: Best Tent For Dog Owners – Coleman Family Tent With Screen Room

Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Camping Tent with Screened Porch, 4/6 Person Tent Blocks 90% of Sunlight and Keeps Inside Cool, Weatherproof Tent with Easy Setup and Screened-In Porch
Coleman Family Tent With Screen Room is made of polyester can accommodate up to 6 people.

Its extended dome shape allows for maximum head and ground space. It is straightforward to use and takes just a few minutes to pitch.

It has a screened porch of 9X4 feet that extends the insect protected-free floor area for that additional sitting and cooking space.

Its welded floors with steel frame reinforcement make it stiff and durable. Coleman Family Tent With Screen Room is the best tent for dog owners who are looking for value for their money.


• Its dark restroom regulates the temperature while keeping the tent dark during the day. This offers unique serenity for an afternoon rest.
• Its extended dome shape makes it resistant to wind.
• The extended porch can be used to accommodate your dog.
• It can accommodate up to a family size of six.
• Easy to assemble and fix.


• There are no zip-up closures on the screen room and the back panels.

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2. Best Tent For Dog Owners – AYAMAYA 2-Door Camping Tent

Camping Tents 3-4 Person/People Easy Up Instant Setup, Camping Gear Waterproof 2 Doors Privacy Automatic Pop Up Big Family Dome Tent Shelter for Men Women Adults - Light Blue
AYAMAYA 2-Door Camping Tent is an instant pop up family tent that can accommodate up to four people, plus your canine friends.

It is made out of breathable polyester, which provides adequate ventilation through its front and back doors with privacy curtains.

There is a mesh window on the roof to give you a spectacular view of the sky at night without letting any bugs in.

This lightweight tent (only 8.5lbs) comes with a carry bag, making it ideal for backpackers.

AYAMAYA 2-Door Camping Tent has various storage compartments to store all your electronic gadgets conveniently. Its poles are also strong.


• It pitches instantly and is easy to fold back afterward.
• Offers excellent ventilation.
• It comes with additional curtains for that extra privacy when camping in a crowded area.
• Highly portable.
• It is made using PU-coated waterproof polyester fabric and taped seam finish.
• Has multi-purpose uses including camping, picnics, and providing additional temporary shelter in your backyard.


• It cannot withstand a torrential rain downpour.

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3. Best Tent For Dog Owners – Nemo Galaxi Backpacking Tent

Nemo Galaxi 2P Backpacking Tent and Footprint (Birch Leaf Green)
Nemo Galaxi Backpacking Tent is easy to set up and takedown. It has sturdy aluminum poles reinforcements that help it to withstand strong winds or any other extreme weather condition.

You can roll back the roof cover and have a phenomenal view of the sky through its canopy mesh.

It has rainfly polyester vents that allow free air circulation. The two spacious vestibules in the Nemo Galaxi Backpacking Tent provides ample space for your dog.

The canyon or the birch leaf green colored tents are an excellent camouflage to the camping surrounding.


• Its waterproof design with seams sturdily sealed can withstand all extreme weather conditions.
• It has additional compartments on its sides including four interior pockets for additional storage.
• It can accommodate up to 2 persons and a dog.


• Backpackers might find the tent too heavy to carry.
• The tent stakes can bend easily.

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4. Best Tent For Dog Owners – Lynx 2-Person Tent by ALPS Mountaineering

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent, Clay/Rust
Lynx 2-Person Tent by ALPS Mountaineering has several attractive features including two sturdy criss-cross aluminum poles that keep it sturdy.

It has two compartments that can accommodate your dog. It is made of polyester, has eight long-lasting zippers, a rainproof floor, and fly seams.


• The inside is very spacious.
• Great value.
• Well ventilated by its two doors and two additional vestibules.
• Easy to set up.


• Maybe too heavy for backpacking hikes.
• The half-meshed walls offer limited privacy.

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Tents Designed Exclusively For Dogs

Sometimes you may want to have a dedicated space for your dog, or your current tent simply doesn’t have the right amount of room.

In such a case, you should consider getting another tent specifically designed for your dog.

Let’s have a look at some of them below:

1. Lumsing Waterproof Pet Tent

Lumsing Waterproof Pet Tent is a tent that is easy to set up and take down and is perfect for your dog.

Its polyester cover mounted on fiberglass rods make it resilient to bad weather.

It keeps bugs, dampness, and harmful sun rays at bay. Use this light tent for either a cat or a dog on your next mountain climbing adventure.

2. Winterial Outdoor Pop Up Pet Tent

Winterial Outdoor Pop-Up Pet Tent, Dog Tent with 2-Inch Foam Pad, Includes Carry Bag
This preassembled pet tent can accommodate a large canine. It also assembles automatically.

Just pop it out of its carry bag and it is ready for use. Its ground-sleeping pad provides comfort for your dog.

Winterial Outdoor Pop Up Pet Tent has a lightweight outdoor design material shields harmful ultraviolet rays.

However, this tent cannot withstand a torrential downpour, so make sure you do your research ahead of time.

3. Pettom Dog Cat Camping Tent

PETTOM Dog Cat Camping Tents 45.3' L 34.6' W 28.3' H Pet Travel Bed Backyard Beach Tent Dog House Portable Water-Resistant Outdoor Camp Easy Set up and Take Down (Green)
Pettom Dog Cat Camping Tent features include a water-resistant polyester cover reinforced with fiberglass rods, mesh windows, and zippered doors, and an additional convenient carry bag.

Assembling this lightweight pet tent takes just a few minutes. We highly recommend utilizing this Pet Tent.

Tips When Camping With Dogs

1. Get Your Dog Ready – Pay a visit to your vet a few days prior.

2. Make Sure Your Campsite Is Dog-Friendly – There should be no predators around. Additionally, confirm the campsite rules and regulations.

3. Carry Sufficient Supplies For Your Dog – The dog’s first aid kit, leash and stake, spotlight, and food bowls all need to be prepared and accounted for.

Make sure you bring extras in case you lose something, or an item becomes damaged.

4. Prepare For Emergencies – Have your dog’s microchip updated and in place.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Tent for Dog Owners

best tent for dog owners

When deciding upon a tent consider the following:

How portable is the tent? Buy a backpacking tent if you prefer something lightweight – but definitely make sure there is enough room for your canine companion.

Does it have additional vestibules/compartments to accommodate your dog? If not, you might need to buy an extra tent for your dog.

How easy is it to set it up? The best tent should be easy to pitch (in a few minutes time).

Is it made from breathable and well-ventilated materials? Polyester is the best. Also, go for tents that have additional doors or mesh windows on the sides.

Will you share the tent with your dog? If not, buy the dog its own tent and make sure they are properly secured.

What Should I Carry When Camping With My Dog?

Carry sufficient food and water, identification tags, a leash, a sleeping bag or tent, and a dog jacket.

Also, make sure you carry plenty of bags to take care of your dogs business.

Always leave your campsite as you found it.

Is It Safe To Leave My Dog In Its Camping Tent All Night?

Know your surroundings. Keep your dog on a leash near your tent.

Make sure you do the research ahead of time to ensure there are no dog predators in the area where you are camping.

What Should I Carry In My Dog’s First Aid Kit?

Antiseptic wipes, hydrogen peroxide, adhesive tapes, cotton swabs, scissors, and a sterile saline solution.

Ask your vet to get you a preassembled kit just to be safe. Additionally, talk to your vet about what to do in different scenarios.

You can never be too prepared!


For a dog owner, the right outdoor gear is important. Choose co-sharing tents if you prefer snuggling with your dog.

The separate pet tents are an excellent accompaniment for the dogs that are used to stay in their pen.

Regardless of what you choose, camping with your dog is an absolute blast, just make sure you are well prepared.

Thank you for taking the time to read our guide on the best tent for dog owners.