9 Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves

best cold weather duck hunting gloves


Also called decoy gloves, duck hunting gloves are made to help to protect against the water and bacteria while aiding in catching prey.

Whether you’re going to hunt for waterfowl like ducks, investing in a pair of camouflaged and waterproof hunting gloves will bring you tons of luck and success.

When it’s cold outside, you will need extra warm duck hunting gloves.

There are many types of such gloves available on the market today so choose your pair depending on your own needs.

Do you need hand use and a free finger for placing decoys and retrieving operating calls?

Or, do you want just warm gloves for occasional hunting?

We have done the research and put together our guide for the best cold weather duck hunting gloves.

Check out our top picks so you can have a fantastic time hunting.

How To Choose The Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves

best cold weather duck hunting gloves

When it comes to hunting during the cold weather, it’s best to opt for flexible, warm, and waterproof gloves.

When your fingers and hands overall are too cold or frozen to pull a trigger, catching a duck becomes trickier.

It’s also important to ensure your duck hunting gloves aren’t too bulky but comfortable.

If your hands are skinny, a thinner pair of gloves might fit your hands pretty well. If your hands aren’t skinny, it’s recommended to choose cumbersome and thick gloves.

Obviously, fingerless hunting gloves aren’t for the rainy and cold season, albeit such gloves greatly help with shooting and movement.

The top quality duck hunting gloves are usually made of certain kinds of synthetic materials like nylon or neoprene.

These gloves offer the flexibility, waterproofing abilities, and essential warmth, while also ensuring breathability and keeping your fingers and hands dry.

Focus on your needs, weather, and hunting conditions before buying your gloves.

1. Our Top Recommendation: Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves – Drake Double Duty Decoy Glove

Drake Double Duty Decoy Glove Medium Mossy Oak Bottomland

The leading brand in the outstanding duck hunting gears, Drake Double Duty Decoy Glove are the among the best decoy gloves that will protect your hands from harsh weather conditions, keeping them warm and dry.

Apart from duck hunting, you can use these awesome gloves when performing the hard physical job.

Drake Double Duty Decoy Gloves are known for their ideal fit, great waterproofing qualities, and excellent toughness.

The gloves are available in 3 camo designs, such as Max-5, shadow branch, or large oak.

One of the best features of these cold-weather duck hunting gloves is that they’re totally waterproof, being particularly treated outside with a breathable Gore-tex layer and a hard shell asylum texture.

The full-length gauntlet and tri-coast wrist line help to keep the components out while the digitized goatskin palms can handle the majority of wet and cold situations.

The gloves are available in large and extra-large sizes.

Breathable, waterproof, dependable, and durable, Drake Double Duty Decoy Gloves are worth picking up. They are our top recommendation.


2. Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves – Glacier Glove Waterproof Decoy Glove

Decoy Glove, XL

Based out of Reno Nevada, Glacier Gloves are renowned for making the gloves for almost all situations – from heavyweight angler gloves to warm weather.

That’s why utilizing Glacier Glove Waterproof Decoy Gloves for your cold duck hunting season is a great idea.

These gloves are ideal for putting in the blind bag. Glacier Glove Waterproof Decoy Gloves can save you on a frosty morning where pulling or setting decoys negatively affects the skin of your hands.

Reaching up to the elbows, these cold-weather duck hunting gloves let you submerge the hands when you pick up a decoy without freezing your fingers.

The gloves are flexible due to a soft pliable neoprene material they are made of.

You won’t have any problems if you’re going to use the gloves for shooting.

Since the Glacier Glove Waterproof Decoy Gloves don’t provide insulation, they aren’t good for keeping your hands all day long. Sometimes it takes the entire day to dry out the gloves.

The glove’s size is quite accurate. The gloves fold and roll up easily and are compact for storing in a blind bag or pocket.

Additionally, you can pick up some hand warmers to help create warmth.


3. Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves – Banded Men’s Insulated Gloves

Banded Men's Insulated Gloves

When it comes to waterfowl gears, Banded is a well-known staple brand that offers one of the best cold weather duck hunting gloves.

Not only are the gloves comfortable and breathable, but are also warm. Banded Men’s Insulated Gloves offer amazing comfort and warmth, improving your hunting results.

The gloves feature a wonderful warm layer with a thin waterproof outer layer. The glove’s palm provides a sticky feel aiding in better picking up shells or gripping a gun.

There several patterns available, including various camo patterns.

Banded Men’s Insulated Gloves have one disadvantage, though. They are bulky and might not be the ideal choice for people with skinny hands.

The gloves are notable for their versatility and durability.

They might remind you of your winter gloves, although they are much more nimble and perfect for duck hunting in cold weather.


4. Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves – SITKA Gear Gradient Glove

SITKA Gear Gradient Glove Optifade Waterfowl X Large

One of the most popular brands today, Sitka can offer some incredible duck hunting gloves, and SITKA Gear Gradient Glove is another fantastic glove from this company.

SITKA gloves high-quality and they will serve you for dozens year due to excellent craftsmanship and durability.

In fact, these are one of the most comfortable gloves on this list.

SITKA Gear Gradient Gloves fit like quality rubber gloves and they’re amazingly comfortable.

The gloves provide protection regardless of the weather and keep your hands clean and young.

The optifade waterfowl pattern makes these hunting gloves the perfect choice for any marsh, flooded timber, or even open water.

The timber pattern is a little bit darker than the optifade waterfowl pattern and ideal for duck hunting.

Despite being designed for cold weather hunting, SITKA Gear Gradient Glove is lightweight. If it’s colder than 20 degrees, you might have trouble using them.

These hunting gloves aren’t waterproof, so it’s best to avoid using them during the rainy weather.


5. Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves – Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove

Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove, Advantage, Large

Glacier Glove is a true standout among the most popular brands for duck hunting gloves. The Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Gloves are well-known among duck hunters. 

They are high-quality gloves that are crafted for durability and comfort.

These are sturdy and waterproof gloves that contain 60 g of a synthetic fiber thermal insulation Thinsulate, ensuring the top level of comfort and warmth even during the coldest weather.

The palms are made of 100% original leather and thus are durable and protective.

Besides Alaska Pro Camo, there are two other design alternatives to consider, such as Realtree or Advantage Max-4.

The most striking features of the Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Gloves are extra warmth, have perfect air dissemination, waterproofing outside, and incredible leather palm for an appropriate hold.

The Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Gloves are among the best cold weather duck hunting gloves for hunters looking for waterproof protection, wrist and hand warmth, and a powerful grasp as you set decoys.

Thanks to small sizes, these duck hunting gloves are good for women as well.


6. Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves – Primos Hunting Stretch-Fit Gloves

Primos Strerch-Fit Gloves (Mossy Oak New Break-Up)

Primos Hunting Stretch-Fit Gloves are highly durable and can be used for the cold weather duck hunting.

Although these gloves aren’t waterproof, they have a high build quality and provide top-of-the-line hand protection.

Tried and tested for the hardest of hunting situations and conditions, the Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves also provide a complete dexterity to the hunters of various types, including duck hunters.

The gloves are budget-friendly and feature a developing sleeve, great grasp fingers and palm, and no extra mass. The strong grasp is guaranteed due to specked fingers and palm.

The gloves have an overgrown oak design with the back of the hand having a call stash.

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves are available in one size that fits all mostly thanks to an extend fit outline.

These duck hunting gloves aren’t good for extremely cold and rainy weather as they aren’t waterproof, but they are perfect for warm weather and can be used in cold weather if you have hand warmers.


7. Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves – Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated with Thinsulate Lined Decoy Hunting Gloves

Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated with Thinsulate Lined Decoy Hunting Gloves, 330, One Size Fits Most

Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated with Thinsulate Lined Decoy Hunting Gloves from Midwest Gloves and Gear are one size just like many pairs of gloves on this list, yet they fit most.

Due to the trademark insulation and a generous PVC coating, these gloves are ideal for cold weather (including extreme cold) duck hunting.

These decoy hunting gloves also offer a rough grip that improves that grip in a sandy finish and wet conditions that enhances the protection for cold and wet conditions.

Moreover, the extended gauntlet cuff aids in preventing water, ice, or snow from getting inside the hunting gloves.

Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated with Thinsulate Lined Decoy Hunting Gloves are 100% waterproof and are available in 2 colors: camo and brown. The gloves have one disadvantage that you may encounter.

Since they come in specific sizes, you might have difficulty finding the best fit for you the first time – the gloves might be too small or too large, so make sure you are careful when selecting the size.

Thinsulate lined, PVC-coated gloves have the Mossy Oak camouflage with a rough grip and sandy finish.

The gloves are perfect for warming your hands during extremely icy or freezing-cold weather.


8. Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves – Elbow Length Duck Hunting Decoy Gloves

Decoy Gloves Waterfowl Insulated, Wader Gloves Duck Hunting Accessories and Gear, Hunting Gloves for Men Cold Weather, Waterfowl Gloves, Waterfowl Gloves Waterproof Camo Gloves for Men Hunting

Ensuring a comfortable and natural feel, Elbow Length Duck Hunting Decoy Gloves are another great option for cold weather duck hunting gloves.

Available in a variety of different sizes, these duck hunting decoy gloves have a 5mm thick soft neoprene-lined inside.

Thanks to it, a hunting trip during cold weather seems to be warmer and safer.

The Elbow Length Duck Hunting Decoy Gloves feature a special grip surface on the palms and fingers, allowing you to have a sturdy grip on your decoy lines and overall decoys.

These elbow length decoy gloves for duck hunting are waterproof, keeping your hands warm and dry regardless of the weather.


9. Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Gloves – QUESHARK 3D Camouflage Non-Slip Gloves

Queshark 3D Camouflage Non-Slip Cycling Gloves Windproof Touchscreen Outdoor Sport Tactical Hunting Trekking Hiking Camo Fishing Gloves (Full Finger, M)

QUESHARK 3D Camouflage Non-Slip Gloves are multipurpose and can be used for lots of outdoor activities, including hunting for ducks during cold weather.

Breathable and waterproof, these gloves will keep your hands warm and comfortable.

The touch-screen design, dynamic fashion, and a modern 3D camouflage design are the most prominent features that make these gloves the perfect choice.

The whole palm non-slip PU is of the top quality and wear-resisting while still providing a soft and comfortable feel.

QUESHARK 3D Camouflage Non-Slip Gloves are available in 3 sizes and are recommended for usage during cold and extremely cold weather conditions.


Why Should You Invest In Duck Hunting Gloves?

best cold weather duck hunting gloves

Like any other waterfowl, ducks are highly intuitive. They’re able to sense a danger and fly away.

If camouflage your body but forget your hands, chances are a duck will notice it and it will be impossible to catch it.

The duck hunting gloves are also designed for protection and warmth during the colder season.

Moreover, some gloves are waterproof and it’s a critical factor during the duck hunting.

The key is to choose the best duck hunting gloves that will let you easily use duck calls, place decoys, catch a prey, and fire your gun.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Cold Weather Duck Hunting?

Although many of the gloves on this list have thermal and insulating properties, we still highly recommend picking up hand warmers – either a dedicated hand warmer system, or at the very least, disposable hand warmers.

This is because depending on where you are hunting, weather temperatures can drop or end up being lower than what was forecasted.

We always recommend using a hand warmer system.

For additional duck hunting gear, check out our list on essential duck hunting gear so you are prepared to hunt.

Where Should I Purchase Duck Hunting Gloves?

Many of our readers have reached out to us inquiring about where we think they should purchase their cold weather duck hunting gloves – they have asked us about Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, and more. We think the best place to purchase your gloves is on Amazon.com.

Click here to go directly to the product page for our top recommendation, Drake Double Duty Decoy Glove, on Amazon.com.


When it comes to duck hunting during cold weather, having a pair of top quality gloves is essential.

Not only will the gloves help you keep your hands safe and warm, but will also help you boost your hunting success.

Before you choose your ideal gloves, find out the functions that are completely necessary to your hunting style and needs and make your decision from there.