Weird Camping Gear That Every Camper Should Have

weird camping gear

It’s essential for anyone who is planning their weekend camping trip to prepare themselves with the best camping gear.

It’s easy to pay attention to the obvious camping gear, such as tents, sleeping bags, and other obvious items.

However, there is a ton of weird camping gear out there, so we figured we would put together this great article so you can see it all of yourself!

The following is a brief description of some weird camping gear available to purchase – some of it is useful, some of it is strange, and a lot of it is toilet-related (that is not a joke).

Let’s have some fun!

1. Use The Ultimate Multitool – This Giant Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Carrying a multi-tool is essential for anyone who is planning a camping trip. We highly recommend this giant Swiss Army knife as it’s more than a knife.

You will get everything that you need in this knife.

It has blades, tweezers, Saw-like blades, scissors, spatula-like blades, screwdrivers, and a clock.

Some even have a compass which will guide you on your trip.

It is extremely well built – stainless steel and high-quality build design means that you won’t have to worry about rust issues out in the wild.

This pocket knife is useful because it has over 83 applications.

Its versatility and the amount of things it can do is staggering, and to be honest, a little weird, but that is why we love it!

2. Conquer Your Laundry, While Camping – The Laundry POD

The Laundry POD, White
One of the biggest challenges that many people face when camping is doing laundry.

The task may be exhausting, especially if you don’t enjoy laundry.

Since you cannot bring your laundry machine with you, the next best thing is The Laundry POD.

It’s the best alternative to doing laundry in the jungle and will save you more time.

Another advantage is that it’s not electric, meaning that you can use it even when you are in remote areas with no access to power.

It’s small enough to fit in your supply store and you can operate it manually.

However, you cannot wash many clothes at the same time.

3. Take A Nice Shower At The Campsite – Solar Powered Camping Shower Bags

Beaucares Solar Shower Bag,5 Gallons/20L Portable Heating Camp Shower Bag with with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Camping Beach Swimming Outdoor Traveling Hiking
If you don’t want to take cold showers or a swim in the river while camping, you should probably invest in shower bags.

Taking a nice shower while going away on a camping trip is an amazing option, especially if you don’t have much water to spare.

Solar Powered Camping Shower Bags can hold up to 5-gallons of water.

However, you need to leave this weird camping device out in the sun for a few hours to warm the water!

The bag can attach on any surface that is above your head as you use it as a shower.

You don’t have to worry about the water pressure, and it has over 7 minutes of shower time, which is more than enough to get you clean and allow you to rinse off the soap.

4. Have A Multitool With You At All Times – Multi-Tool Bracelet

Other than their good looks and fashionable appeal, multi-tool bracelets can be used to store some tools that you may need, such as 20 feet multipurpose rope.

You also get a bottle opener, a carbide glass breaker, a line cutter, and box wrenches.

You can adjust the tread to fit your wrist, and you can guarantee to always have some useful tools with you all the time.

The multi-tool has become popular with many campers, and we highly, highly recommend it!

5. Light Up The Campsite – Shoelace Flash Lights

LIHAI Led Light Up Shoelaces with Multicolor Flashing Shoe laces for Night Party
These weird shoelaces are perfect for your kids, especially if you want to keep them entertained!

The LED light also helps to keep away insects and other crawling animals.

These laces are 100 percent nylon and waterproof.

You can use them to track anyone who goes missing from the campsite in the night.

They also come in handy when illuminating the camping site and they will save you a lot of electric energy. You can change the color of the lace and switch it off through the power button on the side.

Shoelace Flash Lights are available in different colors. However, you need two replaceable AA batteries to power them.

6. Drink From (Almost) Any Source – Water Purifying Straw

LifeStraw Red Cross Personal Water Filter
Running out of clean drinking water is the worst thing that can happen to you when you are camping.

Drinking water from streams may sound like a fantastic plan, but you may end up getting food poisoning or other water-related infections if the water isn’t clean!

Bringing a water purifying straw will save you a lot of trouble as it helps to keep all harmful organisms off your system.

They use iodine, which helps to kill off harmful bacteria that may cause illnesses such as cholera and other water-borne diseases.

All you have to do is find your nearest source of water and insert the filter.

After you finish, blow the straw to clean the filter. This wonderful, weird piece of camping gear may save your life one day!

7. Get A Portable Toilet – The Bumper Dumper

Bumper Dumper The Original Hitch Mountable Portable Toilet (Made In USA)
The Bumper Dumper is a wonderful, weird, and wacky piece of equipment.

A portable toilet will come in handy during your camping trip, plus you can fit it in your tow hitch!

However, if privacy is what you need, you may not get it with the bumper dumper. It’s better to use this dumper when you are on a quiet road.

It does, also, provide you with a moderate level of comfort. Oh, and make sure you watch out for the hot exhaust.

Now the challenge is where to put the bucket once it’s filled up.

The roof rack becomes the best option. Overall, this strange piece of camping gear is straightforward to install and use.

8. Check For Animals Nearby – A Detective LED Flash Torch

infray Pen Flashlight Black Light, Zoomable, Small 395nm Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine & Dry Stain. IPX5 Water-Resistant, Powered by 2AAA Batteries
We always recommend setting up your camp in a strategic position.

A lot of people set up on high ground to avoid rain, but you always need to avoid areas marked by animals such as wolves, dogs, and other territorial animals.

The detective LED flash torch can help by allowing you to identify animal markings.

The black light can also help you identify other stains that the ordinary light cannot see. As a result, you end up choosing the best place for your camp.

You can also adjust the focus system to cover either a small or a large area.

9. Do Some Fishing Over The Campfire – BBQ (Camp Fire) Fishing Rod

Firebuggz Camping Accessories -Campfire Fishing Pole Roaster - Funny Marshmallow And Hot Dog Roasting Sticks For Campfire, Red
You can bring the fishing experience to the campsite by using the BBQ (campfire) fishing rod!

It allows you to attach marshmallows or hot dogs and dangle it into the fire.

Just flick your wrist to make sure that your food roasts evenly.

It operates the same way as the fishing rod, only that there is no fishing involved.

It’s also easy to maintain, as a little soap and rinsing with water helps to keep the stainless steel clean. It is ideal for any camper, whether young people or adults.

10. Take A Bath (In The Woods!) – Collapsible Bath Tub

Portable Foldable Bathtub Free Standing Soaking Shower Bath Tub Plastic Bathing Tub for Shower Stall, Thickening With Thermal Foam to Keep Temperature, Swimming Printed
More bathing products! As you know, when you are camping it can be easy to go days without bathing.

Eventually, everyone starts to smell a little ripe!

You can change that with this collapsible bathtub. This is a super fun and easy way to relax in the tub, while also enjoying the great outdoors!

It is also lightweight and just like the name suggests, collapsible.

You can fold it and fit in your camping bag or put it in the back of your truck.

The material used is tough and durable enough to hold the water. It’s also large enough to fit an adult.

The tub is well insulated to keep the water warm for more than 60 minutes, which allows you ample time to take a bath.

The water should be at least 45 degrees, otherwise, you risk damaging the inside PVC layer.

11. Get Another Portable Toilet – The DryFlush Toilet

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design
That’s right! Another toilet camping product!

Are you are always worried about the effects of chemicals, water, other unsavory materials on our environment? Then this is the toilet for you.

The DryFlush Toilet allows you to vacuum wrap the waste into a giant plastic bag that you can dispose of it later at the appropriate time and place.

It’s also easy to disassemble and has a full-size elongated seat that provides you comfort.

It doesn’t even require water to keep it clean, which helps to lighten the load.

12. Enjoy Light Anywhere, Anytime – Inflatable, Solar-Powered Light

LuminAID PackLite Terra 2-Pack Solar Inflatable Camping and Emergency Lantern
Having a reliable source of light other than your phone will come in handy, whether you are hiking or camping.

Your flashlight, phone, or lantern can abruptly run out of juice, and that’s why you should consider bringing an inflatable solar-powered light!

The lights are always inflatable, waterproof, lightweight, and high-quality. If you maintain them well, they have an impressive lifespan.

The lights are environmentally friendly. Once you fully charge them, they can last for almost 12 hours.

The lights are also collapsible and would take little space in your camping bag.

Just make sure you fully charge them first before heading out for your camping trip!

13. Drink Delicious Coffee – Organic Reusable Coffee Filter

Bolio Organic Hemp Reusable Coffee Filter (1, No.4 Cone)
Nothing goes together like a fresh cup of coffee while waking up in nature, and coffee lovers will truly enjoy using this filter.

The Organic Reusable Coffee Filter, as the name would suggest, is reusable and can last longer than the majority of the coffee filters out there.

It’s organic, which means that it doesn’t have any adverse effects on the environment.

This filter is unique because the manufacturers have managed to design the number 4 conical hemp filters, which are unheard of.

The coffee filter provides you with an improved coffee flavor because of the sediment filtration, which offers you a smooth and delicious cup of coffee always.

14. Stay Dry, Hands-Free – Hands-Free Umbrella

Plus Size Funny Adult Blue UFO Raincoat Hands Free Oval Umbrella Fishing XL (65' -above)
You can’t predict the weather, and things may take a negative turn quickly while you are out in the wilderness.

Carry a hands-free umbrella to free your hands and allow you to multitask while also staying clear from the rain.

The PEVA material is more durable than PVC, which gives this umbrella an astonishing lifespan.

The ramp shape helps with the flow of water, reducing the risks of soaking up.

The circumference also keeps the dripping water away from your legs, which helps to keep you as dry as possible.

It’s a vast improvement from the umbrella hat and it’s not affected by strong winds either.

Let’s be honest – it also looks really funny and weird, but that makes it a great camping gift!

15. Stay Protected From Bugs, And Look Great Doing It – Bug Repellent Hat

Mosquito Face Head Net with Collapsible Hat Cap (Include) - Camouflage - Insects & Bee & Black Fly & Bug & Midges & Sun Repellent Mesh Mask Netting Clothing Shield for Fishing Hiking Camping Climbing
Bringing an insect repellent is a great idea when camping, but unfortunately, it can easy to forget, or for your bug spray to run out!

Fortunately, this stylish Bug Repellent Hat provides you with tremendous protection from mosquitos, flys, and other insects.

The mesh net extends down to your shoulders and is light enough for you to see through.

Plus, who can doubt the elegance and style this hat just oozes?

16. Decorate Your Portable Toilet With Lights – Glow in the Dark Toilet Bowl

Toilet Night Light - Advanced 16 Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Bowl Lighted Motion Activated Toilet Color Lights Motion Detection Smart Home Device for Bathroom Lights Internal Memory 5 Stage Dimmer
One more toilet product – why not?

Relying on natural light when you are camping is not a smart idea.

A glow in the dark toilet bowl helps to eliminate visibility problems when you need it most!

The LED toilet light is activated when the motion sensors are triggered.

This makes it easy for you or your kids to locate the toilet bowl without using other sources of light.

There are many different colors, and you can customize them and use the color-cycle. The 170-degree radius also makes it possible for the toilet to detect motion from a wider angle.

Let’s be honest, these lights look awesome.

17. Make A Pot Of Coffee In The Great Outdoors – Portable Propane Coffeemaker

Coleman Propane QuikPot Coffee Maker with InstaStart Ignition, 4500 BTUs Power Brews 10 Cups in 18 Minutes; Perfect for Camping, Hunting, Tailgating & Outdoor Adventures
The good news for coffee lovers is that they don’t have to wait to go back to civilization for them to enjoy coffee.

A portable propane coffeemaker works even in the most remote parts of the woods, so you can enjoy coffee anywhere, anytime!

It doesn’t use electricity but instead propane, which lasts longer.

You also don’t need to use match sticks or other sources of fire to light it up as it has an InstaStart push-button.

You can prepare up to 10 cups of coffee in one instant.

The parts are removable, which makes it easy for you to clean once you are done. This is a seriously weird camping product for the serious coffee drinkers of the world!

18. Keeps Your Best Friends Paws Protected – Doggy Hiking Boots

All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Straps in 5 Sizes! (Black Large)
If you are planning to bring your dog along with you on your camping trip, you need to make sure you are prepared!.

Make sure you get hiking boots for your dog as they will keep him warm and protected throughout the trip.

The shoes are also water-resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about his precious paws if it starts to rain.

The reflective stripes make it easy for you to track him around the campsite.

They also provide him with a better grip and protect his paws from thorns and other sharp objects.

The shoes are designed to accommodate the paws, and will not inhibit movement, making it a great gift for man’s best friend!

For more information on doggy camping, read our article on taking a dog camping for the first time!


The above weird camping gear may not be at the top of everyone’s list, but they will make your camping trip more comfortable, safer, and in some instances, more entertaining.

The toilets help to conserve the environment, while the portable bathtub and solar-powered shower bags give you the same level of comfort you would find back home.

The coffeemaker and organic coffee filters are unique and will give you the opportunity to drink coffee even when you are out in the woods.

In short, arming yourself with the gears mentioned here will improve your overall camping experience.

Thank you for reading this article on weird, wacky, and fun camping gear!