All Terrain Outdoors (ATO) Turkey Calls were built on the idea that form follows function. ATO Turkey calls sound like a sweet, lonesome hen to get those old thunder chickens strutting your direction. ATO Turkey calls are tuned to transform even novice turkey hunters into champions of the woods. ATO Turkey calls were created to give the widest range of hen turkey sounds. These calls produce the most authentic and convincing hen turkey sounds. The All Terrain Outdoors Turkey calls will instantly set you apart from the rest and become your favorite turkey calls the first time you use them.


Slate has been the gold standard for frictions calls for decades. It is the top choice for creating quiet tree calls and low, seductive purrs to roosted gobblers. The 3.5” slate surface combined with the ATO designed pot allows you to generate smooth, mellow yelps and purrs to raspy cuts and cackles. The ATO Slate turkey call the perfect choice to attract those lonely longbeards.



Glass is the surface of choice for most expert callers. The bead-blasted glass surface produces a higher pitch, greater volume, and extra raspiness that long-range gobblers cannot resist. The 3.5” bead-blasted glass surface fitted to an ATO pot produces soft tree calls and purrs, irresistible kee-kees and yelps, and loud raspy yelps, cuts and cackles. The ATO Glass turkey call is the go-to choice for luring in those distance toms.



Aluminum is perfect for all-weather turkey hunting. The anodized aluminum surface generates any and all hen turkey calls in dry or wet weather. The 3.5” anodized aluminum surface in combination with an ATO custom tuned pot creates tempting kee-kees and purrs, smooth yelps, and very raspy cackles and cuts. The ATO Aluminum turkey call is the perfect tool convince hard-headed gobblers to come in.



Ceramic is newer and lower maintenance surface for turkey calls. The ceramic surface is a top choice for all weather conditions. The ceramic surface is appropriately classified as a hybrid combination between aluminum and slate. The 3.5” ceramic surface wrapped in a custom built ATO pot spawns a raspy, mid to high pitch call that transitions into subtle purrs, piercing kee-kees, and shrill yelps. The ATO Ceramic turkey call has earned designation as one of our most productive turkey calls.



ATO Tube Turkey Call

The ATO Tube turkey call was created to produce all of the sounds of a young hen turkey. The Tube call creates high-pitched and raspy yelps. Piercing kee-kees, sharp clucks, and hyperactive cackles. The Tube call is easy to operate and offers a different sound than most traditional turkey calls. When hunting pressured turkeys, this call can make the difference between success and failure.ATO Tube Turkey Call



ATO Hybrid Tube Turkey Call

The ATO Hybrid Tube turkey call was designed to produce the deeper tones of mature hens and toms. The Hybrid Tube creates deeper toned commanding yelps and clucks, convincing kee-kees, raspy cackles, and hair-raising gobbles. The Hybrid Tube is one of easiest calls to master and delivers sounds that the turkeys do not often hear from hunters. This is our go-to call for locating pressured birds or toms that refuse to come in.

Hybrid Turkey Call