Master Duck Hunting Tips From A Waterfowl Guide

Introduction Waterfowl guide and All-Terrain Outdoors pro-staffer Cody Chauppetta is a hardcore waterfowler. Cody knows ducks and duck hunting. He was asked to reveal some of his tactics to increase his chances for a great duck hunting season. Continue reading to discover the best tips from a professional waterfowl guide. Scouting Tips A successful duck … Read more

From Mistakes to Deer Hunting Success: What You Need To Know

Introduction Transform your season from mistakes to deer hunting success. New deer hunters, as well as veterans, often find themselves wondering where the bucks are and why their deer hunting tactics have not paid off. What these hunters may not see are the small mistakes the may have made, which led to unsuccessful hunts. In … Read more

September Teal Time: Your Guide To Success

Introduction Teal are ideal ducks. They are not overly critical about decoys or calling. They appear to have the highest curiosity and offer duck hunters fast and serious shooting action. When the cool winds from the north start blowing, blue-winged teal begin migrating south from the breeding grounds. Local habitat and weather conditions determine when … Read more

How To Improve Your Waterfowl Shooting Skills: 4 Things You Must Do

Introduction All of your preparation for waterfowl season is rewarded with full limits. All of your scouting, blind building, calling practice, and decoy preparation will be wasted if you cannot make your waterfowl shooting count. Here are a few tips to make sure you are successful this season. Master Gun Mounting Properly mounting a shotgun … Read more