Easiest Tent To Put Up Alone: What You Must Know

easiest tent to put up alone


Are you planning on going camping soon? Don’t forget about the importance of having a tent that is easy to set up.

As you gather your backpack, sleeping bag, extra clothing, etc., remember that the most important item for your outdoor adventure is the tent.

Many novice campers underestimate the difficulty and time it takes to set up a traditional tent.

That is why we have put together this list of the best pop up and instant tents on the market today.

Maybe you are camping alone, or maybe you are going with fellow campers who are inexperienced with putting up tents.

Fortunately, there are different kinds of pop-up tents with varying sizes, features, and styles, but most require little to no assembly.

In this article, we review the easiest tent to put up alone to simplify your camping experience.

1. Our Top Recommendation: Easiest Tent To Put Up Alone – Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 2/4 Person Tent Sets Up in 10 Seconds with Pre-Assembled Poles, Adjustable Rainfly, & Taped Floor Seams

• 27.5 by 1.5 by 27.2 inches
• Dome shape
• Waterproof floors
• Protected seams

The Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent is light in weight and has a typical dome shape. It has an accommodation capacity of up to two persons.

The tent is well ventilated due to plenty of mesh. It can tolerate medium and light rainfall.

Shake and rattle the sides of the tent after rainfall to avoid water from sneaking inside the tent especially when you open the door.

One of the best features of this tent is its short assembly time. Once unpacked, the tent assembles automatically.

However, putting away the Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent, especially on your first attempt, can be a little harder. Nevertheless, the taco method solves this problem.


• Very lightweight
• Waterproof
• Automatic set-up
• The material is fire retardant
• Wind strong frame


• Limited space


2. Easiest Tent To Put Up Alone – AYAMAYA Family Camping Tents


• Weighs 4.5kgs (9.9lb)
• 3000-4000mm waterproof index
• Two doors: Back and Front
• Two large windows
• A capacity of 3-4 persons

AYAMAYA Family Camping Tents are made of waterproof, high-quality PU-Coated Oxford groundsheet, and waterproof PU-Coated fabric polyester roof.

This offers excellent protection from rain, strong winds, and sun.

The pitching process is relatively easy, and its tough seams, fiberglass tube, and sturdy zippers make it lightweight, flexible, and durable.

The tent’s mesh back and front doors facilitate proper ventilation and keep away bugs and mosquitos. Ayamaya tent opens completely on either side, which offers the privacy a family setting requires.

For more privacy, you can close the tent with the light screen material or cover using the nylon door.

They also feature two mesh-screened widows for adequate ventilation without insects attacking.

The hanging loop allows you to hang an electric lantern at night.

Finally, AYAMAYA Family Camping Tent has storage pockets within convenient reach to secure your phone, keys, and other essentials.


• Waterproof
• Well ventilated
• Easy to set up
• Spacious
• Environmental friendly fabrics


• Not strong enough for heavy rains


3. Easiest Tent To Put Up Alone – ALPHA CAMP 8 Person Instant Tent

ALPHA CAMP 8 Person Instant Tent for Camping Easy Setup Cabin Tent with Foot Mud - 10' x 9' Orange

• Dimensions: 12 by 9 by 76 inches
• 8-people tent
• 3 windows
• Double door
• Electricity cable port

ALPHA CAMP 8 Person Instant Tent is large and spacious with the capacity to accommodate up to 8 campers.

It allows for two queen air mattresses. If you want to use it during heavy rains just toughen the waterproof seal.

It has long-lasting inverted seams and welded floors, which are water-resistant.

It also has a large “D” shaped door and windows on the sides, which provide a good view and excellent ventilation.

Its poles are made from high-grade steel making them wind resistance. The windows are meshed to keep away insects.

It is the easiest tent to put up alone because its poles are pre-attached. Consequently, you reduce the setup time to less than 60 seconds.

ALPHA Camp 8 Person Instant Tent features two large side pockets to store your items and enough room to organize the bulky stuff. This tent has a cable port for electricity access too.


• Spacious
• Access to electricity
• Made from durable material
• High-grade steel poles
• Waterproof


• No floor vents


4. Easiest Tent To Put Up Alone – Toogh 4 Seasons Backpacking Tent

Toogh 2-3 Person Camping Tent Backpacking Tent Automatic Instant Pop Up Tent for Outdoor Sports

• 100% polyester fiber
• Weighs 10.3 pounds
• Dimensions: 9.5 by 7 by 31 inches

The Toogh 4 Seasons Backpacking Tent is spacious and can accommodate 3 to 4 people.

It has double doors and screened windows to keep off insects while facilitating proper ventilation.

The interior storage pockets are ideal for keeping cell phones, wallets, and other small items.

Toogh 2-3 Person Camping Tent Backpacking Tent Automatic Instant Pop Up Tent for Outdoor Sports
It’s easy to set it up. However, storing it away can be quite complicated and strenuous. It’s made from very light polyester which makes it portable.

However, this material is not completely water-resistant. Water droplets sip into the tent. If you need a 3 or 4 person tent, Toogh 4 Seasons Backpacking Tent is a phenomenal option.


• Has external and internal storage
• Spacious
• Quick to set up
• Easily carried


• Not 100% waterproof
• Hard to fold compact


Things To Consider When Looking For A Tent

easiest tent to put up alone

When purchasing the easiest tent to put up alone, consider the following factors:

Set-Up Time

A good pop-up tent should be unpacked and fully set up in 1 or at most 2 minutes.

Modern pop-up tents set up automatically, although this will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Ease of Collapsing The Tent For Storage

Some pop-up tents are very fast when setting up but they might be cumbersome when folding compact.

Oftentimes, there is simply a trade-off here – instant tents are easy to set up but tend to be difficult to put away.


Size determines the number of occupants who can fit in the tent as well as the luggage.

Most pop-up tents can accommodate 1-4 people, but there are larger models for more occupants.

If you usually camp in large groups, consider bigger sized tents to ease the transport and storage logistics.

Tent And Stand Materials

Pop up tents are commonly made of polyester or nylon.

Both materials are light and tough, but they have varying waterproof and airflow capabilities.

Check for tents with UV coating to shelter you from sunrays or polyurethane coating to protect you in wet weather.

The Technology Used

Pop up tents come in three distinct functionalities; the pre-assembled types, automatic types, and those that require a little stand adjustment to set up.

Either way, all these set up fast. The limitations come during storage. The latter fold compact while the pre-assembled and automatic types take longer to fold.

What Are The Positives Of Using Instant Tents?

In case you need a quick recap, there are a ton of positives to using instant tents.

First of all, they are the easiest tents to put up alone, which is why this list is full of them.

This makes them ideal if you are camping on your own, or if you are camping with friends or children who are inexperienced and just want a quick set up.

Additionally, many of these tents can be quickly taken down, although this differs from tent to tent.

They also don’t usually have stakes or poles, which means you do not have to worry about misplacing anything and then discovering you are going to have to rough it outside.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Using A Pop-Up Tent?

Many people turn to pop-up tents because they are easy to set up, and thus easiest to set up on your own.

Many people turn to pop-up tents because they are easy to set up, and thus easiest to set up on your own.

It is important, however, they do come with a number of downsides.

Here are some quick negatives – first of all, they tend to be much wider when they are broken down, which means they can be harder to carry.

Additionally, they tend to lack the same level of ventilation as standard tents, which means that they are prone to developing condensation inside of the tent.

Out of the gate, some models are not as waterproof as standard tents, but you can generally use an over-the-counter sealant to protect your pop up tent.

Certain instant tents are difficult to put away. The last thing you need to know is that they tend to be susceptible to winds, which can be inconvenient.

There is no perfect tent – in reality, you need to figure out if they positives and negatives of an instant tent outweigh the inherent positives and negatives of a standard tent.

Only you can decide this!

Where Should I Purchase A Tent?

As I am sure you are well aware, there are a variety of places to purchase tents online – everywhere from little mom and pop shops to REI, Camping World, Walmart, and more. We recommend purchasing your tent on Amazon.com.

Click here to view our top recommendation, the Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent, on Amazon.com.


Regardless of the type of tent you are looking for, one of the above should suit your needs.

The easiest tent to put up alone should take less than 5 minutes to assemble.

Keep in mind that a pop-up tent should be light in weight, simple in structure, and easy to use and navigate.

We hope you have a great time camping with your new tent! Thank you for reading this guide on the easiest tent to put up alone.