7 Best Pieces Of Duck Hunting Gear For Dogs

duck hunting gear for dogs


Duck hunting is a great way to spend your time outdoors. It gets even better when you bring your furry friend along.

There are different duck hunting gear for dogs that you can easily buy online.

Most of these increase the chances of hunt success.

This article will explore and review some of the best duck hunting gear for dogs available now, so you and man’s best friend can have a great time in the field.

The 7 Best Duck Hunting Gear for Dogs in 2019

1. Ducks Unlimited Deluxe Dog Vest

Ducks Unlimited Bottomland Deluxe Dog Vest, Large
Camouflage is critical during a hunt. Dogs may get excited on the field, which may affect the success of the hunt.

The best way to keep your dog out of sight is by dressing him in a Ducks Unlimited Deluxe Dog Vest.


The following features make this particular vest to stand out from the rest in the market;

9mm Spandura Neoprene

This vest material helps to keep your dog dry, warm, and safe during the hunt.

It also comes in handy when you are hunting in harsh terrains as it protects the dog from underbrush, thorns, and sticks.

The neoprene material is breathable, therefore, comfortable as it helps to accommodate your dog’s natural body temperature.

Customizable Vest

This vest is offered in different sizes since dogs vary in size. Moreover, you can customize the vest to fit your dog.

You can also mark the areas that need to be trimmed in case the vest is larger than the dog.

Velcro Zipper Cover

You can fasten this vest on your dog through the Velcro zipper cover.

Even though there is a zipper, the zipper cover offers an extra layer of protection in case the zip is damaged during the hunt.

D-rings for Leash Attachments

Keeping your dog close to you during the hunt is critical as they easily get destructed.

The vest is equipped with D-rings around the back, which allows you to attach the leash whenever you need it.


  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Improves the safety of your dog


  • It may be hard to find a perfect fit for very large hunting dogs

2. Water Resistant Dog Shoes

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes with Two Reflective Fastening Straps and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole | Dog Boots Perfect for Small Medium Large Dogs | Size Chart in Pictures (Size 1, Orange)
If your dog gets excited and active during the hunt, it is probably best that you buy Water Resistant Dog Shoes by My Busy Dog, which will fit most dogs perfectly.

They are designed to keep your furry friend safe on muddy and slippery surfaces.

They would also come in handy when he is chasing his target and requires additional grip for a sprint.


These dog shoes have the following features;

Rugged Sole

The waterproof, rugged sole helps to provide your dog with added traction and grip over a wet surface.

They also help to protect your dog from thorns and sharp objects that may injure it.

Tough Construction

Unlike other low-quality dog shoes that are glued together, these shoes are sewn so that they can handle any terrain and surface.

They are so easy to put on and off, and they are capable of expanding whenever needed.

The shoes have two fastening straps that are also reflective for added security.

All-Weather Shoes

Water Resistant Dog Shoes by My Busy Dog help to keep your dog’s paws safe, warm, and dry during the hunt.

They also help to protect paws and nails from excessive heat, which may end up causing injuries to your dog.

You can also dress your dog in these shoes during winter, which will help to protect his paws from freezing temperatures.


  • Anti-slip capabilities
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in different sizes


  • May be hard to know which size fits your dog

3. DD683 Nickel Plated Dog Bell

Rickard's DD683 Dog Bell, Nickel Plated
Keeping track of your dog’s whereabouts during the hunt is not an easy task as you may think.

Most hunting dogs develop other interests, and it’s straightforward for him to come across something that will catch his attention and take over his mind.

The best way to know where he has wandered off to is by hanging a dog bell on his dog collar.

The bell helps you to track him quickly in case he runs into the woods.

It has been proven that dogs that use these belts can be tracked easily as opposed to the ones that don’t have any bells!

That’s we recommend DD683 Nickel Plated Dog Bell.


There are multiple reasons why you should buy this dog bell, and they include;

Nickel Plated

Nickel is used to preventing corrosion, hence giving the bell a longer lifespan compared to those that don’t have nickel plates.

Other than prolonging the lifespan of the bell, nickel plating also gives the bell a bright color making it visible from a distance.

Cow-Bell Design

The bell is designed to resemble a cowbell, which may not be perfect but allows it to stand out from the rest.

Cowbells are also designed to give out more sound and therefore you can still hear your dog deeper in the woods, especially if he goes after game after landing a successful shot.

Leather collar loop

Instead of tying the bell on your dog’s leash, this dog bell comes with a leather collar loop, which you can tie around your dog’s neck.

The leather is designed for durability and cannot break easily under pressure.

Available in Various Sizes

Dogs’ necks vary in sizes and having one size may not be a good idea.

The manufacturers managed to design different sizes for this bell so that it can fit different dogs.


  • Very useful for locating the dog
  • Durable


  • The loud bell sounds might scare away the ducks, so only attach it after you’ve landed a successful shot!

4. SportDOG Brand Locator Beacons

SportDOG Brand Locator Beacon - Bright, Waterproof Dog Collar Light with Carabiner,Green
The safety of your dog should be your number one priority, especially while hunting.

The best way to track your dog especially in the night, without the bell, is by using a locator beacon.

We recommend SportDOG Brand Locator Beacons.

The beacons have been designed in a way that you can spot it easily in the dark in case your dog wanders off.


This locator is one of the best in the market due to the following features;

Highly Visible

You can set the light BLINKING or ON whenever you want to locate your dog quickly.

The light is also visible from a faraway distance, making it possible to track your dog.

Uses a karabiner clip to attach

Another advantage of this locator is how easy it is to attach to the collar. The use of karabiner makes this process easy.

You can also attach it to a belt loop, backpack strap, and other places.

Water Proof All-weather Lights

SportDOG Brand Locator Beacons are designed to work even during the rainy season due to its waterproof nature, which is perfect for rainy duck hunts.

Available in a Variety of Colors

There are different colors for you to pick. The locator is available in yellow, white, green, red, and blue colors.

You can use one color on the right side of your dog and another on the left so that you can know the direction that your dog is taking.

Replaceable CR2032 Batteries

The batteries are not only efficient, but they also provide over 25 hours of active use.

You can always replace them once they die.


  • Very light
  • Bright colors for easy location
  • Very easy to use


  • Would be optimal if they included rechargeable batteries

5. ELITE Military Training Tactical Dog Collar

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Collar Nylon Adjustable K9 Collar Military Dog Collar Heavy Duty Metal Buckle with Handle(COB-L)
Every dog requires a good collar, and ELITE Military Training Tactical Dog Collar is a perfect choice for your hunting dog.

The collar is designed to withstand any pressure. The nylon material adds to its durability and improved lifespan.

It’s also fully adjustable to fit your dog’s neck. The manufacturers have included a handle, which helps you to grab your dog with ease.

The collar also makes your dog look cool, and more importantly, it is incredibly functional.


It has the following features;

A D-Ring to Attach a Leash

If you like to keep your dog close to you at all times, you can attach a leash in the D-ring, thus controlling his movements.

Magic Sticker Panels

If you have a favorite quote or name, you can attach a patch on this section of the.

The ELITE Military Training Tactical Dog Collar comes with one fixed patch with the phrase ‘Emotional Support.’

The Collar is not Self-Stretching

There are collars out there that over-stretch as they get old, making them less ideal for long term use.

However, the Excellent Elite Spankert doesn’t have this flaw and can last for a very long time.


  • Very easy to clean
  • Lasts longer than most dog collars
  • Reliable


  • Not ideal for small dogs

6. Dixie Insulated Kenner Cover

Mudriver Dixie Kennel Cover, Brown, X-Large
Keeping your dog warm and dry when you are hunting during the rainy season is critical.

It ensures your dog is always in good health and ready to sprint when you whistle.

The Dixie Insulated Kenner Cover is the perfect solution.

It’s designed to cover different kennels, and the material is sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.


The Dixie Insulated Kenner Cover has the following features;

Removable Window Flaps

The cover has removable window flaps, which help to direct water away from the kennel during the rainy season.

The best way to remove the window side panel is to unbuckle it and pull.

MicroLite3 insulation

The MicroLite3 insulation helps to keep the kennel warm especially when you are hunting during winter.

MicroLite designs high-quality insulation materials that can withstand freezing temperatures easily.

Rubber Mesh Windows

Keeping your dog inside a closed kennel can be boring. The rubber mesh windows allow your dog to peak outside without stepping out of the kennel.

They are soft but equally tough to withstand any pressure.

They are also large enough to provide your dog with a better view of the surrounding.

Dual Top Carry Handles

The carry handles make it possible for you to move the kennel comfortably. It also makes it possible for you to load and unload the kennel with less effort.

They are designed by durable fiber allowing them to handle any weight without breaking.

A Tough Poly Exterior Shell

Not only is the exterior shell tough, but it’s also water-resistant making it suitable for use during rainy weather.

4 Side D-Rings

The D-rings come in handy when you are securing the Dixie Insulated Kenner Cover in the back of your car by fastening ropes and restrainers on it.


  • Easy to carry
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Easy to clean


  • The medium size may not fit on medium kennels

7. Kurgo Splash-Free Dog Water Bowl

Kurgo No Spill Pet Bowl, Portable No,Mess Water Bowl for Dogs, Splash Less for Car Travel, Mess Free, Dog Travel Accessories, Splash Free Wander, Blue and Red, 24 oz
Since some hunts may take longer than you anticipate, make sure you bring a water bowl with you.

This will prevent your dog from consuming dirty water, protecting it from infection and other health implications.

The Kurgo Splash-Free Wander ™ Dog Water Bowl is the best choice. The following features make it ideal for anyone who owns a dog;


Anti-Spill Capabilities

The bowl has a tapered lip to reduce water spillage when your dog is drinking.

It’s also flat which allows it to sit flat on the floor or a car seat without falling over.

Portable Water Bowl

Its portability makes it perfect for taking with you during your hunt. It’s light and doesn’t take much space in your car – and the best part is that your dog can use it even when the vehicle is moving.

Constructed with Safe Materials

You don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety as the materials used to build the Kurgo Splash-Free Wander ™ Dog Water Bowl are high quality.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Can be used for water or food


  • The size can be a bit too small, especially for large dogs


Equipping your dog for a hunt is not an option but a necessity.

You must get them all the gear that will keep them safe and track them in case they sprint away in the midst of a hunt.

All the equipment mentioned in this article is meant to enhance the hunting capabilities of your dog as well as improve its environment.

They have all been tested and proven to stand above the rest in their respective classes.

Which is your “must-have” duck hunting gear for dogs?