11 Best Bow Hunting Gloves With (And Without!) A Release Hole

bow hunting gloves with release hole


Bow hunting is an amazing sport, but sometimes it creates discomfort that only a pair of special shooting gloves can help prevent.

Apart from keeping your hands comfortable and warm during the colder months, bow hunting gloves also help you avoid any blisters or injuries when using the bow.

Plus, depending on the quality and the level of protection your bow hunting gloves offer, you can shoot with more accuracy and stay out longer.

Read on to find out how to pick the best bow hunting gloves with or without a release hole and some of the most popular options to consider.

The Best Bow Hunting Gloves With & Without A Release Hole

With a wide selection of bow hunting gloves, it might be hard to choose the best one.

When buying the right pair for you, you should consider several important things mentioned below.

First of all, consider purchasing bow hunting gloves with a release hole for extra efficiency.

Also, choose gloves that suit certain weather conditions.

Ensure the gloves fit your hand and you don’t feel discomfort. If you’re looking for any extra features, you might end up paying more.

If you have difficulty choosing the best bow hunting gloves with and without a release hole, here are our top picks to consider:

1. Manzella Productions Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove

Manzella Productions Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove, APX, X-Large

Made from an antibacterial power fleece shell, Manzella Productions Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove can be used in multiple different ways, allowing for a better fit.

The gloves are ideal for warm weather and not for colder or frosty weather.

The fingertips feature a bow release collar and work with a touch screen.

What makes these bow hunting gloves stand out is the bow release collar that let you use a wrist release against the skin.

The touch screen pads don’t take away from the glove thinness and are easy to work.

If you need good quality bow hunting gloves, Manzella Productions Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove is be your best bet.

2. ScentLok Full Season Bow Release Glove

ScentLok Men's Full Season Midweight Bow Release Camo Hunting Gloves

Designed with a bow hunter’s needs in mind, ScentLok Full Season Bow Release Gloves feature everything required for successful bow hunting.

The best part about these bow hunting gloves is that they provide excellent bow control.

As a bow hunter, you need clearance and unlimited movement to make a good shot.

ScentLok’s midweight gloves will help you to maintain the release stowed beneath your big cuff with the inner wrist opening letting the release remain fixed and ready any time.

Thanks to the touch tech fingertips, ScentLok Full Season Bow Release Gloves let you use your phone or tablet without taking off your gloves.

The gloves are made from the polyester fabric, which is lightweight and doesn’t affect your dexterity or mobility.

The silicon-printed palms ensure an ideal grip.

Moreover, the fabric is comfortable and smooth and thanks to its full coverage your fingers stay warm, helping you to make a shot more accurately.

The gloves are moisture-wicking, preventing your fingers from getting slick whether from sweat, snow, or rain.

Carbon Alloy technology is another prominent feature of these gloves. This technology adsorbs any odor, including sweat.

These gloves are high-quality and have been proven to be super durable.

3. Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves (Realtree APG HD)

If you need the gloves for warm weather bow hunting, opt for Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves.

Due to the stretchy material, the gloves are made of they fit the majority of people.

The gloves are lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking. The gloves feature a 5-inch cuff and have a sure grip.

The gloves aren’t recommended for late season bow hunting, though.

These stretchy bow hunting gloves are high-quality and will serve you for years. Since they’re stretchy, they can fit your hands even if you put a bit on weight.

The extended cuffs and finger lengths are definitely going to fit. Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves are thin and have a comfortable fit, allowing you to easily use your smartphone or your handheld GPS device.

There are a few downsides of the gloves to consider, though.

These gloves aren’t water-resistant so they’re not perfect for bow hunting in wet areas or during the rainy season.

Moreover, due to the materials used, the gloves can snag when you pull them on over rough spots or calluses.

However, if you need a pair of high-quality bow hunting gloves, Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves are for you.

4. Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Glove

Damascus Protective Gear Mens Protective,military Shooting;glove, Brown, Large US

One of the most popular bow hunting gloves in the United States and Canada, Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Gloves are long-lasting, reliable, and great for any bow hunter.

They resemble the old-fashioned gloves that Robin Hood might have wanted to use, yet they’re 100% leather.

The gloves feature an adjustable Velcro wrist strap that helps to keep everything in place, without re-adjusting it a thousand times.

The problem with bow hunting gloves is that they need to be thick enough to provide great cushioning against the bowstring, and yet thin enough to help you make a clear shot.

Finding balance is key here. Thin gloves might not last long while thick gloves can provide enough protection but cause a lot of discomfort because you are unable to feel whether or not you’re touching the bow’s string.

Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Gloves help to solve this problem by ensuring excellent protection and comfort.

Made from supple and soft high-quality drum dyed leather, these bow hunting gloves don’t have leather on the inside of the hands.

Moreover, Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Gloves are reversible thanks to their classic three-finger design.

The gloves also feature reinforced fingertips, which ensure extra durability and comfort. They’re good for up to 50-pound bows.

5. Allness Gloves

3 Finger Archery Glove

These genuine leather three-finger archery gloves are designed for smooth releasing and for better shooting.

These bowhunting gloves offer incredible sensitivity and sufficient feeling of the bow’s string, giving great satisfaction to those who wear the gloves.

The rugged, mega-hide, and long-lasting tips of the gloves are reinforced to increase longevity and ensure a smooth release.

The ultra-soft leather backing provides a high level of comfort while leather wrist strap aids in keeping the gloves in place.

Unlike Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Glove, Allness Gloves are made from thinner leather, which means you might have a better feel of the bow’s string.

The bow hunting gloves feature adjustable top quality Velcro strap that will let you adjust the gloves to your hands, making sure they won’t lose or slip during the shoot.

If you’re looking for a great set of bow hunting gloves, consider Allness Gloves.

6. NEET Suede Leather Glove

NEET Suede Leather Glove

In our opinion, NEET Suede Leather Gloves look incredible.

Despite the classic archery suede design, these bow hunting gloves have many of the features of most top expensive gloves.

The gloves are for warm weather and they might not be for long stand hunts, but they’re an excellent option for recurve bowhunters who are looking for the quality gloves to keep their fingers protected.

NEET Suede Leather Gloves guarantee a comfortable fit and the leather fingertips help to protect your skin while still ensuring a clean and easy release.

When buying NEET Suede Leather Gloves, it’s critically important to choose the right size.

They might be extremely stiff at first and you might need to soften them up before you go bow hunting.

The gloves are extremely durable, and we highly recommend them.

7. ArcheryMax Handmade Brown Leather Three Finger Archery Gloves

ArcheryMax Handmade Leather Three Finger Archery Gloves , Black ,Small

Made from cow leather, ArcheryMax Handmade Brown Leather Three Finger Archery Gloves have tips, which are reinforced to boost longevity.

Featuring adjustable Velcro wrist strap, these open-handed bow hunting gloves offer incredible sensitivity for a better feel of the string.

The gloves are available in two colors and three sizes.

The design of these gloves is modern while durability impresses. The best use of these leather gloves is warm to slightly chilly weather bow hunting.

The gloves aren’t waterproof so it’s not recommended to use them on a rainy day to avoid injuries or destroying the gloves.

8. HOT SHOT Men’s Predator Pop-Top Mitten

Hot Shot Men's'Predator' Pop-Top Mitten, Realtree Xtra, Large

HOT SHOT Men’s Predator Pop-Top Mittens are perfect for cold and even frosty weather bow hunting, as they have Thinsulate insulation and Odor-X Anti-microbial lining that helps them stay clean and odor-free.

These warm mittens can quickly open up to the full gloved hands while the fingers feature pro-text material that allows you to use any touch screen device without taking your gloves off.

Lined with 80 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation, HOT SHOT Men’s Predator Pop-Top Mittens can withstand any cold weather conditions, except for snow and rain.

The zippered heater pack pocket of these mittens let you bring along some hand warmers if you’re going for a long hunt.

The silent magnetic closures on the thumb and pop-top of these mittens are another great feature to consider.

The mittens also have elasticized wrist and fleece cuff.

9. Allen Super Comfort 3 Finger Archery Glove

Allen Company 3 Finger Archery Glove, Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo

Allen Super Comfort 3 Finger Archery Gloves are more minimalist and more flexible than many other gloves on the market.

They feature leather fingertips and thin straps made of saddlecloth and running down the back of the hands.

Moreover, these bow hunting gloves have a Velcro loop around the wrist.

The gloves are incredibly comfortable and breathable because the back of the hands is extremely thin.

Less material on the wrist and backside of the gloves prevent the gloves from pulling on the fingertips, eliminating finger soreness and fatigue.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes, you can wear the gloves on either hand. These bow hunting gloves are incredibly high quality, making them a perfect fit for any bow hunter.

10. Dark Archer Tactical Gloves

Dark Archer Tactical Archery Longbow Glove Traditional Finger Savers Gloves New (Youth Small, Left)

One of the most unique types of bow hunting gloves on the list, Dark Archer Tactical Gloves are definitely worth your attention.

While most bow hunting gloves are made of suede, leather, polyester, or any other kind of cloth and they’re stitched together, Dark Archer Tactical Gloves are absolutely seamless.

In fact, these gloves are more molded than stitched together so they can stretch and offer better flexibility.

One of the benefits of wearing seamless gloves is that you don’t have to worry that seams will wear out and result in the loose stitching.

Made of proprietary latex rubber, Dark Archer Tactical Gloves are lightweight and you might not even notice that you’re wearing them.

Despite this fact, the gloves provide a great level of protection.

Unlike the thick leather or suede gloves, the molded latex ensures an extremely tight fit with a thin material, letting you better keep manual dexterity.

Although these bow hunting gloves are lightweight they’re just as quality and durable as suede or leather.

Dark Archer Tactical Gloves come in a variety of sizes. If you want your gloves to last longer, warding off stretching, cracking, and breaking, there’s the Darkfin silicone protectant that manufacturers recommend to use after hunting.

All you should do is just rub the gloves down with that protectant and that’s it.

The protectant will keep your gloves looking new for several years for sure.

11. Huntworth Men’s Bonded Stealth Hunting Gloves

Huntworth Men's Light Weight, Hybrid Hunting Gloves, Disruption Camo, X-Large

When compared to other bow hunting gloves on the market, Huntworth Men’s Bonded Stealth Hunting Gloves have a major perk – they’re available in women’s sizing.

Even though these polyester bow hunting gloves don’t provide tons of warmth, they have a thin layer of defense to protect your hands from cold or raw conditions.

Huntworth Men’s Bonded Stealth Hunting Gloves are budget-friendly and are durable enough to serve you for years.

The cuffs are made of neoprene, which means the gloves can cinch up perfectly around the wrist.

When the cuffs are made of fabric they might stretch and fray around the wrist.

That’s why neoprene cuffs are a fabulous added feature. Huntworth Men’s Bonded Stealth Hunting Gloves even provide scent control.

It helps to reduce any odor due to the microban antimicrobial protection found on the bonded fleece.

The shell of the gloves is bonded to a soft fleece on the glove interior and is stretch-woven on the backside.

The palms ensure a trusty grip thanks to a two-way stretch performance fleece with a design featuring a silicone print.

The thumb and conductive index finger of the gloves allow you to use any screen devices you have handy without taking the gloves off.

Huntworth Men’s Bonded Stealth Hunting Gloves are astonishingly durable and comfortable, and we highly recommend them.

5 Features to Pay Attention to When Buying Bow Hunting Gloves

bow hunting gloves with release hole

Whether you are looking for bow hunting gloves with or without a release hole, it’s important to consider the following features:

1. Size

When you go bow hunting wearing gloves that don’t fit you, you can fail to make the shot at the right moment.

The majority of bow hunting gloves, including those with a release hole, feature measuring charts.

Be sure to check it to avoid purchasing oversized gloves. Unlike your traditional winter gloves, bow hunting gloves must fit right and there’s a reason for it.

If your gloves are oversized, you’ll get a loose fabric that will result in an inability to grasp your bow correctly and thus less flexibility.

If your gloves are too small, you’ll experience discomfort and reduced mobility in your fingers.

Besides sizing, bow hunting gloves have various methods to help you choose the right size.

Adjustable fastening and elastic, stretch fabric, for instance, can make your gloves snug without affecting mobility.

2. Material

Choosing the right material for your bow hunting gloves is critical.

After all, you don’t want to wear warm wool gloves in summer and risk overheating or wearing gloves that are too thin in the winter.

Here are a few materials to choose from:


If you’re going to bow hunt when it is chilly out, opt for fleece gloves.

They’ll keep your hands comfortable and warm. The fleece gloves are lightweight, breathable, and soft if compared to the wool gloves, which can make you itchy.

The drawback of wearing fleece gloves is that they aren’t water-resistant.

if you’re planning to hunt near a muddy lake or on a rainy day, avoid wearing fleece gloves – especially if it’s chilly outside.

Otherwise, you can end up with frozen gloves and frozen fingers!


Wool gloves are warm, water-resistant, and comfortable, albeit they can also be itchy.

They require special care, especially when wet and can get a horrible smell if you don’t clean them properly.

If you need fingerless gloves, this type of material is just perfect.


Although leather gloves seem to be durable and flexible, this type of material isn’t the best option for bow hunting.

They’re not breathable and can cause discomfort when hunting.


Gore-Tex is probably the most popular type of material, which is highly durable and waterproof.

Gore-Tex gloves are comfortable and breathable.

They reduce the strain and friction that the string has on the fingers.

The drawback is that these gloves can cause discomfort and they’re hard to operate with more difficult tasks during the hunt.

3. Types Of Gloves

bow hunting gloves with release hole

There are open and closed bow hunting gloves with a release hole.

Depending on when you’re going to use them, each type has its pros and cons.

Open Gloves

Open gloves cover ring, middle, and index fingers, leaving thumb and pinky open.

This means open gloves cover the fingers used to pull the string.

These gloves ensure proper ventilation, but don’t keep your hands warm during the cold weather.

Three-Finger Gloves

Three-fingered bow hunting gloves are actually the gloves most traditional archers use when shooting with their longbows and recurve.

These gloves help to protect those fingertips archers use to draw the bow’s string, offering a stable grip.

There are normal three-finger bow hunting gloves and traditional three-finger bow hunting gloves.

Traditional three-finger bow hunting gloves feature three fingertip covers, which are fastened to the wrist with thin strands of the glove’s material.

Normal three-finger bow hunting gloves resemble regular bow hunting gloves, however, they’re open on the sides, covering three fingers.

If warmth isn’t the main concern for you and you want lightweight and flexible bow hunting gloves, three-finger gloves will satisfy your hunting needs.

These gloves take up little space, which means you can simply store them in your pocket.

Closed Gloves

Closed bow hunting gloves cover the palm area of your hand and all of your fingers.

Since they lack ventilation, you can experience sweaty hands during the warm weather.

Some people have sensitivity issues when wearing closed gloves.

There are also bow hunting mittens, which you can use on an extremely frosty day.

Convertible bow hunting mittens, in particular, have a flap that hunters can flip over the fingers to preserve the warmth.

When a hunter needs his fingertips for making a shoot, using a smartphone, or any other device, he can easily take it off. In case you decide to buy a convertible mitten, ensure the flap fastens open.

Otherwise, it can get in your way.

4. Camo

When hunting, camouflaging your hands is as critical as camouflaging the rest of the body.

You’re going to move your hands and so your hunting gloves have to match the area.

If you’re going to bow hunt in the snow, avoid wearing bright green camo gloves, though.

5. Seams

Bow hunting gloves should be seamless.

If the gloves have seams on the fronts or sides of your fingers, they might pinch between the fingers and disrupt your shot when you draw the string.

Concluding Thoughts

Choosing the best bow hunting gloves is tricky and there are many factors you should consider like location, weather, the type of bow you’re going to use, time, and your aim.

And of course, before you purchase your gloves, make sure you select the right size!

We hope you have found this guide useful, and we hope you have an awesome time bow hunting this season.