Resident Canada Geese

Resident Canada Geese Over the past couple of years, resident Canada geese populations have exploded throughout the U.S. The numbers have grown so quickly there is a night and day difference from just 10 years ago. This increase in geese guarantees an increase in hunters this September. All of this means you must be ready … Read more

Early Season Waterfowl

Early Season Waterfowl For many hunters, doves are the game bird of choice for kicking off their Fall hunting adventures, but as more states institute early season waterfowl hunting, more and more hunters are targeting these larger migratory game birds. For waterfowlers, early Fall breezes fuel the flames of an unrivaled passion. As migration reports … Read more

Decoy rigging part 2

Decoy Rigging Part 2 For Part 1, click here¬†Decoy Rigging Part 1 When most people think about decoy rigging, they often picture decoy cords wrapped around decoy keels and attached to an anchor. Some people picture the more modern Texas Rigs, but there are other types of decoy rigging available to waterfowlers. These other types … Read more